chapter 14

April 24, 2010 hkbarnes

While I was reading Chapter 14, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, I never realized the specifics going into creating a letter, memo and email.


I never realized voicemail could play such a vital role in communication.  Yes, I know voicemail is important, but I did not realize the specific parameters of leaving or voice mail.

-Say the telephone number slowly, so the person can understand you.

-Be brief and to the point.  you should be able to give your key message in 30 seconds or less.

-Give specifics time in which you are available to be reached.  This is important so you both don’t continue to play phone tag.

-Make sure your voicemail greeting is short and to the point too.

-If you are going to be unable to return someone’s phone call for extended period of time, it is important to give the caller further information on another person to contact.

**It is good “PR” to return all phone calls in a timely manner.


The book says that style and substance are very important.  The book says that emails can be informal, but you must remember to have good grammar and proper spelling.  The book gives certain suggestions and things to remember when writing an email:

-Blunt words and statements assume importance in electronic form than in telephone conversation.  Temper your language accordingly.

-Attachments are almost always a negative.  Usually, if the email has an attachment it won’t be read.

-Don’t use cryptic symbols as shorthand.

-Avoid “reply to all” syndrome.  Only reply to the necessary person.


I didn’t realize memo was short for memorandum.  It can be used for a communication purposes.  It needs to be a short, brief message, usually less than a page in length.  PR professionals usually use memos for written record on things that were discussed or done.


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  • 1. michellev21  |  April 25, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Hi Haley,

    Your blog is beautiful! I would like to agree that e-mails are extremely important in communicating within the workplace, especially between PR professionals. Emails should always be double-checked for grammar mistakes because grammar mistakes can make you look incompetant. Also you should never send an attachment unless you and the person you have e-mailed have agreed upon recieving attachments. This is because attachments carry viruses and unless you know the person who is sending the attachment, you do not want to take the risk. Also, it is extremely important to watch your language when writing an e-mail. We tend to write like we talk, however, our wording may be taken out of context in an e-mail because we do not have nonverbal cues to fall back on.

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