All you need to know about Social Media News Releases

April 22, 2010 hkbarnes

What is a Social Media News Release?
A social media news release is a newer kind of press release.  It contains all different aspects of social media available online.  It contains, graphics, photos, videos, and hyperlinks that add to and emphasize the information and topic of the news release, such as additional statistics.  It can also allow readers to follow the writer or publication on Twitter and other social media outlets such a Facebook.  It can also have the option of an RSS feed for the reader.  Additionally, the SMNR can contain quotes or testimonies from executives, analysts or previous consumers that will emphasize the purpose of the press release further.

According to the this a video created by RealWire, a social media news release allows one “to communicate your message more effectively to the broader online community.”

The video says that the idea for a social media news release came from the blog post Die! Press release! Die! Die! Die!, written by Tom Foremski.  According to his Twitter page, Foremski is a “Former Financial Times journalist reporting on Silicon Valley at the intersection of media and technology.”  I find it very interesting that one blogger can that great of an effect on people in communications.  But, really that is one of the reasons that people created the SMNR in the first place because they want to put these releases in the hands of those that are influential in a modern way.  The target audience for a SMNR are bloggers and some journalists.


PR practitioners should use:

“And this way, the PR industry becomes a partner in communicating truthful and factual information. And we save the millions of person-years wasted in producing press releases. We should produce new media communications releases, imho.”-Tom Foremski


  • According to the book, many of the services that create SMNRs have partnered up with many of the search engines.  This means that the SMNRs can be found through these search engines when key words are entered.
  • Like I stated above, SMNR allows social media outlets to be tagged or tied it.  This is great considering the popularity of social media continues to grow.
  • “By placing content across social networks, properly tagging them (inserting relevant key words) within each, and linking back to your SMR (or blog post), you can effectively leverage visibility within each community, and also steer influence back to your intended impressions.”-The Definitive Guide to Social Media Releases


  • I also found that SMNRs can be very confusing when searching for them on certain search engines and since they are still relatively new, main stream media still learning about them and their ideal use.
  • According to Stephen Davies, many wire services are charging an extra fee to put an image or YouTube video on an SMNR.
  • Blog that discusses how SMNRs are less effective


  • Make sure your links are relevant to the topic
  • Create an identity for the press release
  • the same identity can be used or selected over  and over because you can save it on the program     you are generating the SMNR on
  • this can consist of a logo and a boilerplate
  • Include a boilerplate
  • According to, “By adding a boilerplate as part of the identity creation process your are offering the viewers of your SMNR additional information and a chance to add extra keywords     to help with your SEO visibility.”
  • “Include links to pages where multiple instances of your key words/phrases reinforce your message.”-(Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox)
  • Make sure your announcement ties into current events and trends.
  • Don’t overdo it.
  • Remember you want press so don’t get too fluffy.
  • “Place [important] terms in key positions like headlines and first paragraphs.” (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox)

*All my my tips were found either in the textbook or
Links to examples of SMNRS:
Social Networking Poll Shows Users More Vulnerable Than Ever - Pressitt SMNR Social Media News Release

Links to creating your own SMNR:
“What this all means is that the future of the Social Media Release is up to you. Raise the bar. Experiment. Provide value. Remember, that releases, regardless of format, are only the tools that can help facilitate discussions, relationships, and also visibility. The ability to tell your story, your way, to the people that define your markets, is where we should all focus our time and effort…the rest, is simply a function of outreach.”-Brian Solis


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