Social Media News Releases TOW #15

April 21, 2010 hkbarnes

According to Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques , the social media news release is an evolved version of the press release on the web.  It can include graphics, videos, audio and hyperlinks pertaining to  the information in the release and  or links leading to more in-depth  information.  Tt has been dubbed the “smart news release” or SNR.  Electronic distribution services have began allowing the option to create SMNRs  through their service, but with an increased fee.  SMRs allow PR professionals to expand beyond the traditional media outlets.

This is huge for PR professional and their clients because the idea of press releases appearing on search engine will only increase interest and get their news out there.  Social media components can also be incorporated into SMNRs.  Facebook, Twiiter and RSS components can be a part of the SMNRs.  RSS feeds can allow people to follow the press releases on either the same topic or ones released by the same company/organization.

SMNRs should be used on almost all press releases distributed on the web.  Traditional press releases in print obviously cannot be SMNRS.

Things to remember when creating a SMNR:

  • Don’t use too many links.  It can confuse readers and distract from the key messages.
  • Place terms in important positions like headlines and first paragraphs.
  • Use low-resolution images, but high-resolution multimedia.
  • The message is the most important and everything else is supposed to enhance and add to it.

Additional information about SMNRs:


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