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April 15, 2010 hkbarnes

When I first read this assignment for the week, I thought it would be extremely boring.  Like most assumptions I have made about this class, I was wrong.  I found the pod casts at INSIDE PR very interesting and insightful.
This was the 198th  pod cast and the commentators commented that after doing so many they sometime lose track.

From:Inside PR

  • One of the comments they discussed was about Twitter.  The man with the comment made the claim that Twitter has probably peaked in its rapid growth.  Terry and Dave (the commentators) said they still believe Twitter’s sign up rate is still rising drastically.  Although they recognize that is not as dominate as Facebook and never will be.  Mostly due to the ample features Facebook offers.  They said Facebook will continue to evolve because there will always be a loyal following which they referred to as “heavy users”.  they also referred to those who use Twitter off and on and under unusual circumstances “snackers” which I found humorous.  They think that if the media continues to use Twitter and then it will become more mainstream.  If they inform the audience that they are using Twitter it will inspire more people to follow.
  • Another comment someone wrote in about also concerned Twitter.  The individual asked if there was value in including the client’s Twitter name within the press release?  I though this was very interesting because I had also wondered this.  If a client is very active on twitter it would make sense to include their username.  The commentators say that if their Twitter name would lead to more hyperlinks then yes maybe one day Twitter names will be included in press releases.  Right now they say that press releases are not reproduced enough for it to make a large impact.
  • The third comment was about pitching stories.  They commentators said not to pitch stories that are not newsworthy because eventually you will lose credibility on your ability to write a newsworthy one.  They said not to pitch a story, just for the sake of pitching it.
  • Before listening to this pod cast, I didn’t understand the point of them.  Now I find them very insightful and informative for both PR professionals and students alike.  The topics discussed on pod casts on very relevant issues to those in the PR world.

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