How PR People Drive Journalists C R A Z Y-TOW 13

April 10, 2010 hkbarnes

  1. When PR professionals don’t do the proper research on the journalist or media outlet they are sending information to.  Journalists don’t like when PR professionals send story ideas or information to someone that they know won’t care or cover it.
  2. PR professionals do not have the same journalistic writing skills as actual journalists.  Journalists don’t think people in PR have the same they do.  They think not enough people in PR have journalistic experience and therefore do not understand things from a journalistic perspective.
  3. PR people are using the internet to abuse the press.
  4. Pitching the same story or idea or multiple journalists.  Journalists do not like to find out that PR people have been “shopping” their story ideas to numerous people on the press.  It makes them not want to cover the story at all.
  5. PR people only talk to media when they need something or it could benefit their client.  Maintain a good relationship and rapport with the media and they will do the same with you.  Only good things can come from this.
  6. When PR professionals do not provide adequate information for journalists to write a story.  Sometimes PR people leave out information that a journalist thinks is necessary for writing a story and it makes the journalist think that the PR person is trying to cover up or hide something.
  7. PR people put too much spin on things.  Journalists like the facts, not when PR people try to spin certain information into the story they want.  They hate spin.
  8. PR people don’t leave journalists alone.  After pitch a story to a journalist, PR people tend to follow through a little too thoroughly and it usually annoys the journalist.
  9. PR people give new story ideas to close to deadlines.  Journalists do not like when PR people
  10. PR people are too worried about opinions.  Journalists write stories for the audience and don’t usually care about public opinion.  PR people write on behalf of the audience and care about the feedback of the audience and the client.
  11. PR people think things are newsworthy that journalists don’t.  They have very different definitions of what is newsworthy.

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