Chapter 10

April 9, 2010 hkbarnes

While reading chapter 10 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, I learned several important things.
Two concept that were unfamiliar to me prior to reading this chapter were the “push” and “pull strategies.
The “push” strategy is where people are putting there news out there to media outlets.  An example is distributing email news releases on a regular basis.  The “pull” strategy is when you make your information easily available to or attract journalists and media to the information.
The idea of tip sheets is new to me to.  I didn’t realize publicists had a continuously updated sheet with contact information and what kind of material the client is looking for.
I didn’t know about electronic wire services until reading this chapter.  According to the book, electronic wire services have several advantages.

  • “It is timely and immediate delivery  of a large amount of material via website that can easily be accessed by everyone in the news department.”
  • They give clients more opportunities for distribution.
  • They are now becoming for multifaceted.  They can contain multimedia functions too.

Even with today’s fast-growing technology, many companies still prefer to mail the news releases and media kits.  According to the text, publicist say that when a news release or media kit is overnighter it makes it appear important and newsworthy to the potential editor.


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