Chapter 11

April 7, 2010 hkbarnes

While reading chapter 11 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, I learned several important things about media relations.   The most important thing I learned was media relations is the most important in many PR jobs.

  • A statistic I found interesting was that although most journalists distrust PR people, they need them to be successful.  We as PR people rely heavily on media as well.  The media serves as “third-party endorsers of your information.”  The media has the power to decide whether your information is newsworthy.  I realize it is a love-hate relationship, depending on the moment in time.

A PR firm’s role in media tours is also important:
1)schedule appointments with key editors
2)conduct media training for organization spokespeople
3)prepare an outline of key talking points
4) make hotel, airline, and transportation arrangements for each city on tour
5)prepare a briefing book about the background of the editor and publication visited

I found the section on media etiquette to be very informative and also very common-sense based.

1) Don’t hassle reporters about if/when your story will be published.  It is not up to them.  The editor makes the decision.
2)Don’t think taking a reporter to an expensive restaurant will impress them or more your story an closer to being published.  Allow reporters to select the restaurant and let them pay for the meal.  It could be against their company policy to let PR people buy them a meal because  it could be viewed as favoritism from another’s point of view.
3)In the area of gift giving, do not give expensive gifts.  It makes others think you are trying to influence a reporter or editors thoughts about publishing or covering your story.  Keep gifts under $25.  Leave gifts at the door or with a secretary.  This way the reporter can decide to accept on decline a gift without pressure.


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