Chapter 9

March 31, 2010 hkbarnes

Reading chapter 9, in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox helped me learn how to write my PSA for class.
I always assumed PSAs were free.  But, in the chapter I learned the that PSAs spots are sold for a  discount of the price that the spot would normally sell for.
I also didn’t know that a soundbite was defined as that little story/opinion of a customer or expert on a given product or place.  I always thought a soundbite was the whole  ANR itself.
Don’t expect to send your PSA to a station and get it played right away.  Allow for a 5-6 week window for the station to put it in the rotation.  The best time to submit a PSA is in January because according to experts this is usually a time when there is a lull in advertising.  In contrast, the  text says that those submit PSAs should stay away from the Christmas time.  This time has lots of paid advertising and little room for PSAs.  Sadly, the book also says that most PSAs are aired after midnight. Not many PSAs are aired during the time period in which the station can air profitable advertising.
I didn’t realize a 30 second ANR was written with such few words.  About 75 words is used to write a 30 second ANR.  The book also recommends reading the ANR out loud to see how it flows.  I thought this was important because no one wants a ANR that is boring.  You want an announcer best suited to fit your ANR.


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