Chapter 8

March 29, 2010 hkbarnes

Chapter 8 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox was about PHOTOS!!! My favorite!! I was a photographer for my high school yearbook for two years, so the information in this chapter was very familiar to me already.

Photos are very important.  The chapter says that research shows that “more people ‘read’ photographs than read articles.”  If a photo is included with a news story, it is noticed more than the article itself. My yearbook teacher always said “the best zoom is your own two feet” and book agrees.  The book recommends that a photographer should move in closer rather than far away when focusing on the intended subject.  Although usually, one would want a photo with very little background because it can be distracting; sometimes the background accentuates the photo/subject and helps tell the story.

Remember that cropping and retouching photo extensively can be unethical.

Captions, man oh man do I despise captions. Some important things the chapter mentions that one needs to remember about captions:

  • Cover Who, What, Where, When Why, and How.  Provide additional information for the photo.
  • Write it as though the photo is happening in the present moment.  Present tense.
  • Usually two to four lines long.

*Usually the most important person is the first person on the left side of the picture, therefore they should be mentioned first.


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