TOW #11 Infographics

March 23, 2010 hkbarnes

Infographics are defined as computer-generated artwork used to display statistics in the form of tables and charts in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques .  Infographics are added to stories to give them more appeal.  Feature writers and media outlets especially like infographics.  Infograpics are important because they make figures more understandable for the reader, especially if the reader is not completely familiar with the topic but wants to understand.    They are good for presenting large about of information graphically without overwhelming or intimidating the reader.
They can be composed in Microsoft Office applications or Adobe or be more specific software like Indesign.  The book says that large publications usually have their own graphics department and can create their own info graphics, while smaller publications focus on simpler charts and higher resolution photos.

5 Essential steps to creating a info graphic:

  • Create a skeleton and flowchart- Have an idea of what you want the infographic to look like before you begin.  a skeleton is almost like an outline for an infographic.
  • Devise a color scheme-Color schemes can make or break an infographic.  Assign colors for certain purposes before beginning the design.
  • Graphics
  • Research and Data-Everything in the info graph should be able to be backed up with facts.
  • Knowledge-Make sure the important stuff is prominent within the infographic.

Examples of Infographics:

Great Examples

How to create your own Infographic


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