Chapter 7

March 10, 2010 hkbarnes

While reading chapter 7 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, I learned a lot about op-eds and personality profiles.

Prior to reading the chapter, I didn’t understand the necessity and point of a personality profile.  I learned that PR personnel help the journalist writing the profile in order “to ‘sell’ the idea of a profile, make the executive available, provide back ground information, and arrange photo shoots.”   The profile does necessarily have to be n someone high in the company or organization.  In many cases it is about someone new to the group.  It could also be a hard-working, contributing member who the PR professional think should be recognized. In the chapter, Ragan Communications lists several ways to make sure the personality profile is a success:

* Give the “essence.”  Make sure to tell the audience why this person is interesting.

* Take some chances.   Show the person through your eyes; give the audience your interpretation.

* Get a different view.  Make sure to include the subject’s perspective too.

* Don’t write in chronological order.

* Make your subject reflect upon themselves.  Include opinion of themselves.

* Don’t focus on work alone.  Include their life outside the job.


I didn’t realize op-eds could be used for public relations purpose.  According to the text, op-ed pieces provide an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations to reach an audience of readers who tend to be opinion leaders or “influentials.”

There were several important tips for writing an op-ed list in the book:

* Concentrate on presenting one main idea or theme.

* Make your viewpoint/opinion clear in the beginning.

* 20% of your piece should be opinion and 80% factual.

* Do not ramble or deviate from the stated opinion/theme. (This is something I have a hard time doing when blogging)

* Make it about a relevant issue, situation, or news event.  Do not cover something that no one will be interested in.


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