Leads TOW #8

March 4, 2010 hkbarnes

First of all, I did not really enjoy this NewsU course.  I thought it was boring, but in the end I realized I did learn some important things.

Things I learned:

  • I learned that leads are much more in depth than what I originally thought.
  • I learned important things about revising leads.

-Read aloud and keep in mind these things:  can you say it in a single breath?  Do you stumble over words?  Does it sound like something you would tell a friend over the phone?  Does it put you to sleep of confuse you?

-I didn’t know leads needed to be read aloud.  It makes sense though and I wrote these suggestions down for the next time I have to write a lead.

-Take out all “to be” verbs from a lead.  this is huge for me because I have a hard time not using “to be” verbs in writing.  I have to take a conscious effort not to use them.  I wrote this tip down to remember it for the future.

Thing I was surprised about:

  • It was recommended to display tension in the lead.  I found this surprising because I would have thought other things were more important, like the 5 Ws and H.
  • Another recommendation that was surprising was were they said not to worry about the lead too much because you can go back and revise it.  I do this, but I always figured I was in the wrong because the lead is such a vital part of the story.  I am pleased to know that my gut was telling me something right for a change.
  • I was surprised to learn about all the different types of leads.  It was very overwhelming, but informative too.  I wrote down some that I though I could incorporate in my writing for the future.  I liked ancedotal and summary leads the best.

Things I would want to learn more about:

  • I would have enjoyed reading more leads in this course.  I am now more aware of leads when I read news stories, but am still confused something and I wish there were more examples of the types I could return to for clarification.

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