chapter 5

February 27, 2010 hkbarnes

Chapter 5 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, was very informative about news releases.  While reading I made notes about several things that I wanted to remember when writing my own press releases.  The part I was most unfamiliar with was the boiler-plate.  I had no idea what it was at first and the name threw me off a little too.  Previously, when I had written news releases we did not include these.  Now I see how they important in PR writing.  Especially when writing a release that goes out to all different kinds of media.  The term “embargoed” was also new to me.  I didn’t release companies would send out releases before making announcements.  I guess PR people really do have to stay one step ahead of the media so they have the upper hand and control over what is released.  Still, there is something unsettling about sending out a release concerning something that has yet to made public by the company.  What if they media disobeys the embargoed date?  Reaction releases are also a new idea to me.  I thought news releases were to discuss news and not necessarily a company’s reaction to a piece of news or event.  Apparently I was wrong.  Another idea I was unfamiliar with was letterhead.  I didn’t know this was a must.  I honestly thought it was only for decoration or a little pizazz.
Before I submitted my news release for this class I referred back to the Tips for Success: 10 Classic News Release Mistakes.  I went through the list to make sure I was not making the same mistakes listed.  Ones worth remembering are:
Punctuation errors
Hyperbole-I tend to over exaggerate in my writing and I need to remember not do this in news releases
Documentation-I need to make sure I document correctly and that I am crediting those who gave me information.


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