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February 23, 2010 hkbarnes

Twitter was a foreign concept to me prior to last week.  Honestly, I was excited about the assignment either. I knew what it was and I knew that many celebrities had Twitter accounts.  I even remember hearing the big hoopla over Miley Cyrus closing her Twitter account.  A week and a half later I’m still a little bit overwhelmed, but I’m taking steps in the right direction.
What really got me excited about Twitter was when I realized some of my closest friends had  Twitter accounts too!  The biggest “AHA” moment came on Thursday when I learned that my roommate had one that I didn’t know about.  Now I can stalk them on Twitter AND on Facebook.  I looked at the people they were following and decided to follow some of the same ones!  One of my friends even told me she was having my tweets sent to her phone.  Talk about pressure!  Some celebrities tweet about boring things, while others are always funny or interesting.  I also liked how we were required to follow PR people because it made me realize that Twitter is a fast-growing media outlet from those in public relations.  Several peoples tweets led me to interesting information.
I liked how Mrs. Nixon told us not to tweet about the mundane things.  It really made me more aware of captivating things in my every day life.  I would purposely go into a class with the mindset of “learn something that’s worth twittering about.”  In the beginning I had trouble deciding was to twitter about and by the end of the week I was telling my boyfriend “I’m going to Twitter about this, let me use the computer please.”
I also learned things on Twitter that I probably wouldn’t have found out elsewhere.  I am following the  country group Lady Antebellum.  From their tweets I learned that they were going to play on the Oprah show last Friday.  I would never have known this otherwise.  I also was able to watch their newest music video which they tweeted was posted on  Without Twitter I would have not have been up on the latest Lady A news.  Twitter is now added to my list of news resources.
The most tweeted about topics during the week were Tiger Wood’s press conference and the Olympics.  Every time I logged  into Twitter in the evenings there were tons of people twittering about  the Olympics on TV.  On Friday right before Tiger read his statement almost all the people I was following had tweeted about him, including myself.  After it was over people weighed in with their opinions.
Overall, Twitter was an experience that I will defiantly continue. Maybe not as often, but I will for sure read the people I follow tweet’s.


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  • 1. annalg  |  March 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Haley I love that you wrote, “Now I can stalk them on Twitter AND on Facebook.” I definitely agree with you that Twitter can be another source for news. Looking at my news feed on Twitter I have already learned a lot that has been going on in the world along with how people really feel about the topics. I don’t know if you have already added news sites like CNN but they are constantly updating about the most current information. The re-tweet button helps in the spread of news in a matter of seconds!

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