Chapter 4

February 16, 2010 hkbarnes

While reading Chapter 4 inPublic Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, I learned several important things.  The most important thing I learned is news can be practically anything.  News is news because its important to someone.  According to the book, most news has the “purpose of creating public awareness to inform, persuade, and motivate.”  The word “pseudoevent” was coined by Daniel Boorstin to describe events and situations that are created to simply get media coverage.  In addition, sometimes I think my creative juices are not flowing as strongly as those around me so the tips the books listed helped.  Ones I thought were important:

  • Record ideas whenever they occur.
  • Stop saying or thinking “No.” Be open to possibilities.

The first tip was important to me because there have been many times when I think of a great idea but don’t write it down.  Usually, I then forget the idea when I actually need it for its purpose later on.  The second tip stuck out to me because there has also been many times when I have been searching for ideas and limit myself and my creativity because I think the idea is too “out there” or not attainable.  I need to be more open to where my brainstorming and mind takes me.

The idea of a contest being a common device for creating news struck me.  I realized that most companies do start a contest or sponsor one when they want to generate publicity.  The company has usually been out of the media spot light and they want to remind the public of their presence.


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