Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos

February 14, 2010 hkbarnes

So I was cheering for the Colts to win, but was not sad when the Saints won.  The team deserved it and the city did too.  Overall, people have said this was not the best year of Super Bowl commercials.  I think the Doritos advertising team hit a grand slam with their commercials.  They were hilarious.  My favorite was the one above.  I think anyone who watched the ad laughed out loud.  Little kids are known for saying funny and shocking things.  When I watched the commercial i could see a little kid actually saying something like that.  The ad appealed to parents because at some point in time i’m sure all children have said something that that shocked their parents or was insanely funny.  Single parents could have appreciated the ad for another reason.  They could see the protective son and hope their children are that protective of them when they date.  Certainly anyone looking to simply laugh would find the commercial funny too.

The Doritos team made me want to go buy a bag when the game finished.  Thankfully I resisted.


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  • 1. lindsayaddison  |  March 8, 2010 at 1:55 am

    Haley, I think it’s funny we both chose the same Super Bowl commercial! I mean who couldn’t love this little boy? ! I was also cheering for the Colts, but you are right-the Saint won a well-deserved game. The needed it much more than the Colts. The city needs as much help as possible and this is a great way to help with that. Although I am not a huge football fan (when games are on TV) I enjoyed watching this one because I was so anxious to see all of the commercials! I also loved the google one…that was telling a love story. It was hard to catch on at first because I didn’t really pay much attention to what was being typed it and then I watched it online and fell in love. I posted it on my blog if you didn’t get a chance to see it-because you must check it out! I enjoy following your blog and reading your thoughts! Keep it up and I will check back soon!

  • 2. sarahgricius  |  March 8, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Opposite of you I was cheering for the Saints, but am glad that you recognized that it was a good booster for the city and the team. I do have to agree with you that the Doritos commercial was one of the funniest during the Superbowl. It gave a great twist on reality because it is usually the parents who threaten the kid who is taking their child on a date, but in this case the young boy is warning the guest that he better not put his hands on his mama and especially not his Doritos. In the commercial, it also showed that the little boy found his mom and his Doritos to be of same importance to him in his life. I think it was funny for all ages, but did hear some utter after the commercial was aired that it was “unethical” for them to show a little boy slapping someone else. But people need to lighten up and learn to appreciate the creative way they used to advertise their product. I think it portrayed kids in the right light because I agree with you when you say they say the most shocking things sometimes and since they do not know much, they do not know what should be censored or not. Overall, Doritos “hit it out of the ball park” with this particular commercial.
    -Sarah Gricius

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