Chapter 3

February 8, 2010 hkbarnes

While reading Chapter 3 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox I learned a few new things.  Prior to reading I had heard the word “defamation’ before but I thought it was only a synonym for slander.  I did not realize it was collective term for both libel and slander.  I though the points about Fair Comment were important too.  The First Amedment freedom of speech defense will most likely stand up in court if what one has written: makes sure the context of the language surrounding the expression of opinion can be reviewed for possible defamation, the opinion statements be accompanied by facts on which the opinion is based, and that opinion statements can be clearly identified with quotation marks and attribution to a particular individual.  In addition, I didn’t realize that every time a product or company uses a celebrities face for publicity they get pair from it and not just grant the user permission.  I didn’t know about the guidelines companies implement about writing on blogs.  It makes sense though.  A company does not want an employee bashing them or anything about them because that looks bad in the public’s eyes.  How long a copyright is protected was also interesting to learn. A copyright is protected for the life of the creator and an additional 70 years for individual works and 95 years for corporations.  Also, I didn’t know that if one does a job for a company the rights of whatever is produced belong to the company and not the person. It seems to me that whoever does the assignment/job should have the copyright and credit, even if employed by a company.  Trademarks can also be tricky.  If a phrase/name/word remotely resembles one that is already trademarked than the owner can sue.  People just need to be more creative and think outside of the box.


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