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February 7, 2010 hkbarnes

  1. What I learned-While I was working on and completing the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course I realized how much I didn’t know about AP style.  I took notes on the topics I knew I would continue to get confused about.  For example, in the grammar section: the difference between who/that, that/which, and effect/affect.  The whole style section was helpful because the style of writing for copy is different from when writing for any other reason.  I didn’t realize that there were specific ways to refer to interstates and I didn’t know when referring to time that periods are not included in am and pm.  Also, the quiz at the beginning of the course that determines a person’s areas of weakness helped me realize the areas I struggled in and I made sure to pay special attention to those areas and take good notes.  then after I completed the course I re-took the quiz to see if my score was higher, and it was.
  2. What surprised me-It surprised me how through the course was. It covered all aspects that one could have questions about when writing copy.  I like how it provided different scenario examples and short cuts.  The additional links were also helpful and I bookmarked some of them to use in the future.
  3. What I would like to know more about-One thing I think should be incorporated in the course are references to page numbers in the AP style text.  This way I could have gone through the course and made notes in my book too.


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