This is week 2, ain’t it?

January 28, 2010 hkbarnes

I really enjoyed reading what she had to say about the word ain’t.  To begin, like Grammar Girl, I too cringe when I hear people use the word ain’t.  To be honest, I hear the word used frequently by my own extended family.  Before the blog, I thought it was not proper and tried not to use it, even in a joking manner.  Apparently, I was both right and wrong. I learned it is only appropriate to use in dialogue or when trying to convey a specific tone.  I also thought that “aren’t I” would be the correct alternative, but I was wrong again! It is like many other phrases that may sound better, but are grammatically incorrect.  I love when she said,

“Treat it like spicy mustard; don’t make a whole sandwich from it.”

if ain’t was used all the time in dialogue I would go crazy.  I need to learn more about simplifying my writing and cutting out the unnecessary words that I frequently use.

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  • 1. lindsayaddison  |  February 3, 2010 at 12:53 am

    Haley, I choose the same topic as you because i’ve always been interested as to if “aint” really is a word. I hear it often in the South, but I wonder what people in the North think of the word? Grammar Girl showed us the way that using ‘aint’ is appropriate, but I’m noticing there are not many times when it is OK to use. What do you think? I”m anxious to hear many different opinions on this topic.
    Also, I too need to learn how to simplify my writing as well as talking! 🙂

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